Most of the homeowners get confused between Wall Putty & POP while they are renovating or painting their home.

You assume that Wall Putty and POP is the same because it comes in white powder form, but there is a major difference in content, application, and uses.

Here we will understand, where Wall Putty & POP should be used and what is the difference.

Let’s understand Wall Putty first:

Wall putty advantages

Wall putty is a white cement-based powder(Birla White) which applied on a plain wall where painting to be done. You can use it on the exterior as well as interior walls.

Advantages of applying Wall Putty:

1. The durability of wall putty is more compared to POP because it’s a cement-based product which increases wall life.

2. Wall putty makes a strong bonding with a wall because of a cement-based mixture.

3. If wall putty pastes well mixed with the help of stirrer machine, then it gives a smoother finish on the wall rather mixing with the hands.

Wall putty stirrer machine

4. Wall putty protects the wall from water penetrates. It’s a water resistance product.

5. Wall putty mostly done on exterior walls to prevent from dust, moisture, and water and it protects the exterior wall because of the compound that includes resins and polymers.

6. If there is seepage in-wall, you can try to apply wall putty as a solution, if that can help.

7. Don’t need to do primer if you apply wall putty.

How to apply the wall putty:

Before pasting putty on a wall, first, clean the wall with the help of hard metal brush and then clear the surface of sand and cement with emery paper to smoothen a wall where you can apply the wall putty.

Wall putty is also used to straighten and smoothen the wall, so make sure there is no uneven surface.

Apply two coats of putty on a wall, make the first coat and after drying smooth the surface with emery paper and again apply the second coat. Because with this practice you will get a very good layer with a more smoother finish.


Let’s understand about POP:

POP gypsum plaster advantages

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POP is also called gypsum plaster, which is made of gypsum material.

Nowadays builder applies a very thick layer of a POP directly on a brick wall, but earlier, it applied after the sand & cement plaster.

1. You can apply 5mm to 12mm thick layer of POP on a wall, where in-wall putty is not possible, you can only apply 1.5 mm to 3mm layer.

2. Do not apply POP on an exterior wall because it won’t last for long. POP Gypsum plaster is used for the interior part only.

3. There are two types of POP did on a wall, one is Patra finish and another is Patti finish, for both rates are different.

4. Gypsum plaster is a fire retardant material, it doesn’t catch fire and also work as a thermal insulation layer which reduces heat which comes from out sidewall.

5. POP gypsum plaster doesn’t crack, shrink and fade.

POP false ceiling design

6. To make an ornament and other curvy work on a wall or ceiling, gypsum pop plaster is the best material to use which gives a tremendous finish.

7. Apply primer coat after gypsum POP, by this, it will absorb less paint.

So, Wall Putty and POP both have different compound, uses, and rates.


Birla Putty application rate – Rs.12/-* per sq.ft

POP gypsum plaster application rate:
Patra Finish – Rs.18/-* per sq,ft
Patti Finish – Rs.36/-* per sq.ft