Does the idea of bright paint all over your house scare you to your very core?

Does patterned wallpaper make you feel claustrophobic at the mere mention of it?

It’s time to change all that.

Accent walls can change the vibe in your home, and it will be for the better. You don’t have to deck out all four walls of a room in something bright or wild, you just need a single wall. It sounds like it would throw your symmetry off balance, but it looks super chic when done right. After you see these, you’ll want one in every single room of your house.

1) An inlaid wall is maybe our favorite use for tile yet. Bonus points: It can creatively camouflage your TV.

Inlaid wall highlighter tiles

2) If you want to really make a statement, skip the mounted headboard in your bedroom and use your wall instead. A wood statement wall can take your room from basic to a farmhouse in an instant. From sleek to rustic, wood is a perfect accent wall material because it instantly warms up any space. Be sure to paint the remaining walls in your room a color that carries the same undertone as the wood for a unified look.

3) A large wall can dominate a room if you go too bold or too dark, so stick to a neutral color in a subtle pattern. That way, you can afford to get a little more adventurous with your furniture and decor.

Neutral color wallpaper highlighter

4) Single color walls? Please. Try an ombre effect on your wall, then pick up the hues in your bedding.

Ombre effect wall paint

5) If the color is not your jam, don’t stress, you can still try out an accent wall. Use wood paneling on one wall to create dimension.

With a few strips of MDF and very little money, you can create an elegant and restful accent wall for your bedroom. This treatment adds a luxurious element to your space and is the perfect backdrop to your headboard.

Wooden wall paneling highlighter

6) For maximum impact, consider painting an accent wall and all the shelving attached to it the same color.

A built-in entertainment center mixes architectural simplicity with a pop of color to make it stand.

Dark wall with semi open furniture

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7) An accent wall does not have to be just decorative. In fact, it can be very practical. This type of wipeable paint is great for offices, mudrooms, and kid’s rooms.

Chalkboard wipeable paint

8) Another classic that’s making a big comeback is wallpaper. Surprised? With the advent of easy to apply, and even easier to remove wallpaper, you can create an accent wall without the long-term commitment. The key here is to keep it to one wall only, to avoid feeling closed in.

9) Sure, you could just slap one bold color on an accent wall and call it a day—but why would you when there’s so much more you can do with paint? Stripes, circles, chevrons or herringbone are all on-point style choices. All you need to create an amazing accent wall is paint, painter’s tape, a pencil, and a level.

Random Wall design ideas

10) Paint and wallpaper are not the only options for accent walls. Treatments such as wood, brick, stone, and tile can add texture, and in some cases, create a three-dimensional effect.

11) Glass tile accent walls are stunning and can change your space. Your options for the tile accent wall include tiling the entire wall in gorgeous glass tile for a high-end look. This is the most dramatic way to add a tile accent wall but may not be affordable for every budget.

Glass Tile highlighters

If you love the look of a sleek tiled accent wall but don’t have the time or budget for a big tiling project, consider peel and stick tiles to create your room’s focal point. The new peel and stick tiles are much more elegant than past products and include more design options.

12) A stunning stone accent wall is a perfect project. The look of exterior stone veneer in an indoor space complements industrial, cottage or rustic decor and the beauty speaks for itself.

Stone cladding wall highlighter design ideas

13) Exposed brick has long been a coveted accent wall material in old buildings and lofts. The great news is, the brick veneer has come a long way and is available in almost any style from modern to antique for a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Red brick wall highlighter design ideas

14) Hang on, we’ve saved the best for the last! This tin tile cladding of an accent wall is sure to be the dinner table conversation of everyone who visits your home. Also, you can get it painted in colors of your choice ( beige, gold and brown is our personal favorite).

Tin tile cladding highlighter

Think of your walls as blank canvases—the decorating possibilities are endless. Those white, empty walls are just calling out for something more.

The beauty of focusing your creativity on a single wall is that it saves time and money. Many wallpapers can cost an arm and a leg, but papering a single wall gives you all the glory with a lot less hurt on your wallet. Wallpapering a single wall also takes a lot less effort than say papering four, and painting one wall? Why you can practically get that done on your lunch break! Whether you’re looking to add a splash in the living room, the bedroom, a powder room, and beyond, we’ve got a plethora of bright ideas for those blank walls.