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India has varieties of granite more than 150 shades.

In India, granite resources are found in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Which divide granite into two categories,
1. Northern Granite
2. Southern Granite

Here is the list of Top 5 granite stone color shades & name in India:-

Top 5 Absolute Black Granite Mined From South India

1. Absolute Black Granite:- One tone absolute black granite is most used and preferred by home owners, contractors & designers. It is recommended for Kitchen counter top for rough & tough use, which gives your kitchen an elegant look. Absolute granite is mined from South India.

Top 5 Black Galaxy Granite Mined From South India

2. Black Galaxy Granite:- Like name given black galaxy, it is dark black color granite with metallic white & gray sparkles. Recommended for reception counter, entrance etc. Black galaxy granite is mined from South India.

Top 5 New Imperial Red Granite Mined From North India

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3. New Imperial Red Granite:- It is also known as Chattarpur Red, reddish color granite. Recommended for flooring in high traffic area like railway station, hospital, temple etc. New Imperial Red Granite is mines from North India.

Top 5 Golden Oak Granite Mined From South India

4. Golden Oak Granite:– A golden color granite with brown and orange color veins. Recommended for flooring, wall dado, counter top etc. The granite is mined from South India.

Top 5 Tan Brown Granite Mined From South India

5. Tan Brown Granite:- Brown tone with light and dark gray dotted sparkles. Looks very attractive in kitchen counter tops, window framing etc. The Granite is mined from South India.

Granite is rough & tough stone used for Kitchen counter top, window framing, door framing, flooring, wash basin counter, Indian seating, Hindu temples etc.

We have recommended above mentioned granite color shades & name as per our knowledge and experience. You may take advice and suggestions from your vendor.

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