Furniture makes your home complete!

A highlighter for furniture, work as a red cherry on a pastry cake, which gives a punch to your home interior.

Here, We have selected a Top 5 trending highlighter materials in 2018 which you can use to decorate your furniture/home.

1. Charcoal Sheet
2. Backpainted Glass
3. Alabaster
4. Acrylic
5. Mosaic Tiles

Charcoal Sheet Highlighter TV Unit Design Thane Mumbai

1. Charcoal Sheet

It’s a PVC based material, thicker than laminate, which is available in vast varieties of designs and patterns to choose from.

Many homeowners want to add uniqueness and something different to their home interior, but due to unawareness of materials trending in the market, they have to go with a traditional material used.

A charcoal sheet is a quite simple and effective material for your home interior and furniture.

Charcoal Varieties:-
1. Charcoal Decor
2. Charcoal Panel
3. Charcoal Grill
4. Charcoal Moulding

Application Area:

A charcoal sheet can be used anywhere in interior part for e.g. wardrobe, bed, door, partition, sofa back wall, entrance area, bed back paneling and you can even use in ceiling also.

You can use at a wall where there are problems of seepage or leakage; charcoal sheet will not get affected. It is totally termite proof.

Back Painted Glass Highlighter TV Unit Design Ideas

2. Backpainted Glass

It is a normal glass which is first get toughened in the factory and then get painted its backside with spray paint with customized color.

Glass adds an illusion of more space and cleanliness to your furniture.

You can use the thickness of the glass as per your application area and needs.

Application Area:

You can use on Wardrobe, partition, office desk, kitchen shutters, drawers etc.

It can be stick directly on plywood, laminated ply, or using aluminum framing.

Alabaster Artificial Stone Highlighter Prayer Area Mumbai

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3. Alabaster (Artificial Stone)

Alabaster is an artificial stone it’s a man-made material. Which gives a feeling of a real natural stone with vast design varieties and flexibility.

It has translucent panel designs, which is can be used to decorate in any part of the residential and commercial space. It is affordable compared to natural stone and can be transformed into any shape according to the design. It is easy to cut, drilled and molded.

Key features:-
1. Durable
2. Heat and scratch resistant
3. Non-porous

Application Area:-

Safety Door paneling, Entrance area, False Ceiling, Temple Area, Bed back paneling, Wardrobe shutters, Table countertop, TV unit paneling etc.

Acrylic Highlighter False Ceiling Design Ideas

4. Acrylic

Acrylic is made of polymer and again it’s a man-made material. It’s available in clear, semi-transparent and full body form with end number of colors and designs available which can be customized also as per the requirement.

Acrylic is trending in modular kitchen shutters, which give a sleek look to your entire kitchen area. It is light in weight and easy to install in any area like partition, ceiling, display, sign boards etc.

Application Area:-
Modular kitchen shutters, Wardrobe doors, False ceiling, Partition,

It can be stick on plywood or any other material and also can bed used directly with help of aluminum or wooden framing.

Mosaic Tiles Highlighter Wardrobe Design Ideas

5. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is available in a different type of materials like Resin, Metal, Wood, Shell, Solid surface, Shell pebbles, Stone pebbles etc.

These Mosaic tiles available in size of 12″ x 12″ (300mm x 300mm). Which can be used as a single piece or to decorate an entire area/wall.

You can use three-dimensional tiles also to highlight the area.

Application Area:-
You can create an art on the wall by using these mosaic tiles in a particular area like a living room, entrance area, lobby area, bed back wall, wardrobe doors, table top, paneling etc.

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