We all aspire to buy our own house someday. But simply buying one doesn’t make it your ‘HOME’.

You can call home only something, where a piece of your heart and soul is. And that piece of the heart can be fancy, whacky, jazzy or even minimalist to the core. Whatever you are, make sure your home reflects your personality.

I know, in today’s tiny flats you can’t afford to lose that one space to make it own your corner. But to solve this issue, you must allow me to introduce an interior designer in your life.

Believe you me, they know space management like no one ever did. From the wall mounted folding dining table (which could generally not be accommodated in a small living area), to the sleek profile handles to upscale your kitchen; from the unparalleled charcoal sheets (which by the way, also have a resale value, can you imagine?) to the balcony cum garden in your hall, for that chai-pe-charcha time; these home planners can do it all ( They have an invisible magic wand.)

I’m sure we all have some old furniture, which we don’t want to give up just yet. So why not give it a chic look instead?

You can have that vintage age-old if yours turn into a coffee table, and that too at a very low pocket pinch.

Do you still have a Godrej almirah and don’t know what to do with it? Come aboard and we’ll spray paint it with vibrant color and even add a tufted board to its doors so that your toddlers don’t bang their heads against it.

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Now let’s be done with the homes, and let us all think about that one cafe we remember, not because of the food or service, but because of its ambiance, look and feel. I’m sure now that you are trying to think of one such eatery, you realize that they are all almost clones of each other and it’s difficult to tell one apart. Nonetheless, a unique visual experience in one such restaurant will be etched in the minds of its customers till eternity. If you are planning to open up a cafe, or a restaurant or any eatery, for that matter, get in touch with us to add that edge and quirk to your business.

Not just that, even different office spaces need different kinds of architecture and environment to match their line of work. You cannot have a clothing Store without a proper trial room for the lack of space. Plus for a creative line of work, you need to have a work station that by the very onset spells vision and authenticity, and gets your creative juices flowing.

If nothing, at least for the sake of safety, one must use the WPC board which is majorly a fire retardant in work stations where lots of operating systems are used. (Did you even know that there exists a material named WPC board that is almost water and fire resistant? Well, thanks to this article!)

Moreover, all those long nights that you spend at work, would just get more comfortable if you had a bed in there. No, no, we are not talking about a sofa-cum-bed. We have brought back the ‘Murphy-bed’. Yes, you can keep a bed in your office/home ( for the sudden guests), without it taking any of your floor space ( when not in use, of course); and awe strike people when you pull it down.

Now for those who are in different cities, away from families, you can get your place designed on similar lines as that of your childhood home and still not feel out of place in a new city and be as much at home as you were in your hometown. In today’s day and age, architecture and design can turn any dream and vision into a tangible, delightful reality.
In a nutshell, when you approach a home designer, all your whims and fancies are tactfully catered to with the addition of creating multifunctionality and utility in the home.

Designers have something for everyone in the family, and to fit every pocket.

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