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We regularly get calls and emails of home owners who want cheaper options in flooring and tips on cost cutting while renovating their homes.

Generally, what happens:

Every home owner wants to live in a peaceful and spacious place, but in a city like Mumbai the property rates are very high, which impacts the homeowners budget and they end up buying a relatively smaller flat than what they wish they had bought.

Builder sells multiple size of 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartment,
for e.g. 1BHK of 450 sq. ft & 550 sq. ft,
2BHK of 600 sq.ft & 750 sq. ft,
3BHK of 850 sq. ft 1050 sq. ft etc.

There is a size and space planning difference in each room, small rooms are planned on back side and bigger spacious rooms are planned on road or view side.

Now Let’s jump to the topic,

Let’s assume If you are a person who stays in let’s say 1BHK and you want to convert it in to 2BHK by adding one small bedroom for you or your kids.

In most of the cases you will remove your kitchen and plan one small bedroom there and shift kitchen to common bathroom passage area or living room’s balcony area, which also depends on convenience and of course the technical possibilities.

What home owners do:

Most of the home owners buy the same tile and of the same size for entire house, the reason may be because of the shopkeeper who is willing to give more discount for buying in bulk or simply because they might get confused with more options or they their inclination towards a tile would be more.

What we suggest:

For flooring your entire house may not need the same tile with the same size.
There are multiple sizes available in market like:

600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 300mm, 800mm x 800mm, 1000mm x 1000mm etc.

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PRICE of tile increases with the SIZE of tile.

For e.g If, 600mm x 600mm vitrified tile is of Rs.70 per sq.ft then,
800mm x 800mm vitrified tile will be of Rs.95 per sq.ft

For living room`s flooring we will suggest to use 800mm x 800mm or 1000mm x 1000mm size,
but for kitchen and bedroom we will suggest 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 300mm vitrified tiles. Reason being in bigger areas like living room if you use big size tile it looks more spacious, because less tile joints are visible on floor.

In the bedroom area more of your floor will be occupied by the bed, side table, wardrobe, study table etc. here the flooring visible is comparatively lesser, so you can save your money by purchasing smaller sized tiles for such areas.


Digital printed tiles are good option for lobby & entrance area, as they look very attractive, doesn’t look messy and cracks are not easily being identified because of computerised random HD print.