First, let’s understand what is soft flooring?

Soft flooring means Vinyl, Laminate, Hardwood, and Carpet flooring etc. which can be applied quickly to your existing hard flooring like PCC, ceramic, marble, or vitrified flooring is called soft flooring.

Let’s discover soft flooring options:-

PVC Vinyl Wooden Flooring Sample

1. Vinyl Flooring (PVC Flooring)

Vinyl flooring is often called carpet, made of plastic material, which you may be seen in offices, shops, hotels, and homes mostly in bedroom areas.

Vinyl flooring is available in tile form, plank form and in a roll form. You can choose as per your requirements to apply in the particular area. It is available in the vast variety of colors and patterns like plain, mosaic and wooden.

It is very easy to clean, water-resistant which can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, storeroom, and home with pets where you can clean animal hair easily from flooring.

PVC vinyl flooring is easily replaceable if damaged, no messy work like breaking and plastering. It’s ready to use the material.

Thickness:- 2mm. 4mm, 6mm etc.
Price Range – Rs.130/- per sq.ft

2. Wooden Flooring

There are three types of wooden flooring,

Solid hardwood flooring sample

Hardwood: This is pure wood, it is a full body hardwood is cut from the tree and each plank is a single solid piece. It is little costlier than engineered and laminate flooring.

Having a hardwood flooring adds value to your property.

Engineered wood flooring sample

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Engineered Wood: The top (2mm to 4mm) layer is made up of the hardwood and the bottom 4 to 5 layers are made of other wood in criss-cross directions to make it economic. But it gives a similar look as hardwood flooring. Which is cheaper compared to hardwood flooring.

Laminate Wooden Flooring Sample

Laminate Wood: It is the most popular flooring option. It looks just like the original hardwood flooring. But actually, the photocopy of the original wood is printed and laminated on the HDF wood sheet which gives a very good look & feels and also it has many varieties.

These wooden floorings are laid on 1 feet x 1 feet plain ivory ceramic flooring tiles to save the cost in a newly built apartment by the developer. You can also apply on any plain surface like vitrified or marble flooring.

Wall to wall carpet flooring sample

3. Wall Carpet (Fabric Flooring)

Fabric flooring you may be seen in studios, theaters, offices, and libraries.

These carpets absorb sound & light better than any other flooring material, that’s why used for the acoustic purpose.

This carpet is available in varieties of colors and textures to choose from. You can apply on wall and floor for a seamless look.


Though, before implementing these flooring options, some things are to be taken care of, such as:

1. The floor on which this flooring is to be done should be smooth & straight.
2. You should ensure that the person who is going to do the flooring work has cleaned the floor properly because it creates a major impact on the look of your new flooring. So proper cleaning should be done before starting the work.

Otherwise, it will unbalance your flooring and there may be a chance of developing cracks in the wooden flooring.

All these flooring methods have a durability of 8-10 years.