PVC false ceiling & wall panels are not popular among the home owners & office owners to that extent; reason being people are unaware about the advantages.

People who are making their interiors are mostly only aware about the Gypsum Board & Acrylic false ceiling, because they don’t want to experiment with new material which they have not heard or seen anywhere.

I think that’s right, even I would also not try material without knowing its benefits and costing.

So let’s understand,

A PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) panel is a material originally came from Germany which is developed for the decorating purpose for house interiors and commercial spaces.

There are variety of colors and patterns available to decorate your interior space like Wood, Veneer, Wallpaper and Stone pattern.

If you are the home owner or office owner who is looking to give some unique look to your interior than you are reading the right article and in end of article you would love to ask about the installation and cost.

Excellent choice for those who are planning to rent house or office and want to install false ceiling, because this product is detachable and you can reinstall it to another place. Wherein this is not possible in gypsum board ceiling.

PVC False Ceiling And Wall Panel Samples

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PVC Panel Advantages:-

1. Water proof
2. Termite proof
3. Rust proof
4. Detachable
5. Light weight
6. Fire retardant

Installation is as almost same like done in gypsum board ceiling like framing is done and then PVC panel is installed and fitted with the help of screws which are not visible.

Cost:- Rs.110/- to Rs.170/- per sq.ft (with labor & material)

Available sizes:-
Width – 10” & 12” (inches)
Length – 9ft, 10ft & 12ft (feet)

Watch Video:- “PVC False Ceiling Design & Advantages”