False Ceiling is worth spending or not, is still question in the minds of many home owners.

A lot of home owners think that false ceiling is only matter of design and nothing else. What are other benefits they are getting??

So let’s first understand what is false ceiling?

False ceiling as the name itself suggest, it is suspended or secondary ceiling below your RCC roof, which is also called as dropped ceiling.

False ceiling is installed using aluminum framing in square pattern where gypsum board gets fit and then finished by applying paint or wallpaper.


By installing false ceiling, it reduces height of your room by 4 inches to 8 inches from existing RCC roof. If your rooms height is already low, then you might need a second thought on your decision to go for it or not.

Now this is an argument stage because it is matter of money.

Home owners are spending thousands of rupees for each and every square foot and here they are spending money to reduce their room height which definitely makes them to think.

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Why you need false ceiling ?

Here are some advantages of false ceiling –

1. It work as a insulation layer in your room.
2. It hides electrical wiring inside false ceiling.
3. It helps to create ambience in your room using indirect lights.
4. It gives your room a shape.
5. It also helps to hide your uneven roof, seepage & cracks.
6. It save energy on air-condition bill.


Now if we talk about the costing, then it is also reasonable.

A simple plain false ceiling will cost you per square feet around Rs.60/- and if you want to add some designs to it, then it would be Rs.70 to Rs.95 per sq.ft

For e.g, Let’s say if you want to install false ceiling in your bedroom which is 10 feet by 10 feet, which is total 100 sq.ft , then it will cost you Rs.6000/- only (100 x 60)

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