The modern kitchen has three main working triangles, which are Hob, Sink, and fridge. Where most of the frequent activity done in the kitchen.

The sink is one of them and an important thing in your kitchen, which needs to be plan very well for easy to use & clean also for hygienic purposes.

So basically let me tell you types of kitchen sinks available in the market,

There are mainly THREE types of the kitchen sink which you can use for your home.
One is Granite or Marble Sink
Second Stainless steel Sink (SS)
The third one is the Quartz Sink.

Let’s understand the difference and advantages of using these three materials.

Granite Marble Made Kitchen Platform Sink

1. Granite / Marble Sink

The kitchen sink made of granite stone, marble or kadappa stone is a very old concept. You may have seen in the old kitchens, if you have not renovated your kitchen for a long time then you may be using the same. I have renovated my house five years back till that date we were using the same black kadappa made kitchen sink.

Earlier the kitchen sink was made with the same stone which was used in the kitchen countertop. It gives seamless look in your kitchen countertop, which your mason man makes it.

It’s the very cheapest option for making a kitchen sink.

The advantages of making kitchen sink with granite/marble stone are that you can make as per the size you want like, depth, length, and width.

But there are disadvantages also, the corner of the granite which is joined by using adhesive. It may start losing its strength after some time because of water and can cause leakage issues.

It is not also hygienic because the edges of the sink are difficult to clean with hands and it can develop fungus and insects. Which is unhygienic for the health.

So, we are not recommending to use that granite/marble/kadappa made sink for your kitchen.

Types of Stainless Steel SS Kitchen Sinks For Indian Kitchen

2. Stainless Steel(SS) Sink

Made of brightening steel material, which is available in various designs and sizes like a single bowl, Single bowl with drainboard, double bowl, double bowl with drainboard, triple bowl with tray, corner sink.

These sinks can be chosen as per your needs and size of your kitchen platform.

The advantage of using SS sink is that is is very easy to clean like your utensils. A good option to keep it hygenic and it lasts for a long time until you change your kitchen again.

The disadvantage of the SS sink is that it comes with the standard size, so you have to decide your kitchen sink size before making a kitchen platform. And another one is that it makes noise when you wash utensils or water pour in the sink.

But, it has an option. Nowadays SS sink comes with the silent option also for which you will need to ask for it to the vendor. Which doesn’t make noise when you wash your utensils.

In your existing SS sink, you can also minimize the noise, for making that arrangement, just stick the thin foam sheet around the bowl below the area of the sink. It will reduce the noise.

We will recommend using SS sinks for your kitchen no matter what is the kitchen size. Smaller sizes SS sinks are also available in the market.

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Types Of Quartz Kitchen Sinks With Range Of Colors

3. Quartz Sink

Quartz is a hard natural stone material, it’s like a crystal which is colorless and transparent. Quartz sinks are made using mineral quartz / pigmented quartz with a combination of acrylic to give it a strong and beautiful structure design.

Quartz sink is an alternative material for the kitchen sink. Quartz Sink is Easy to clean, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, hygienic and heat resistant.

There are a range of colors available like, black, white, blue, ivory, grey, etc. Which you can match with your kitchen countertop.

Quartz sinks are a little expensive compared to the SS sink. It is also easy to wash and clean like a normal sink.