Many homeowners get confused between carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area when they buy a new flat or property.

You must be aware that the property you are buying, on which basis you are paying to the owner or builder and what you are getting in that budget.

As you see in the most of the builder’s brochures and plans that they mention built up or super built-up area to attract customer by showing more area.

Let’s understand what is the difference:

Carpet Area

Carpet area means the actual usable area of the house, in a simple terms inner area of your flat excluding wall thickness. Where you can lay your carpet in the entire house.

Some builder and the online websites show in square meter also.

Built-up Area

Built up area means the total construction made for your flat including wall thickness, balcony, utility area. Where all area is not usable.

You can cover balcony area inside the flat if the builder or society allows you after receiving OC.

Super Built-up Area

Super built-up area means the outside area of your flat like gardens, premises, swimming pool & clubhouse etc.

This all common area is included in the super built-up area.

So, whenever you buy a property, always ask for carpet area. Because that area where you can plan your interior and spend your most of the time.

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