Black Granite is the largest selling stone used for Indian kitchen platforms, window frames, door frames, Indian seatings etc.

Many homeowners like you, get confused when visiting different shops for purchasing black granite for home because you get different rates at every different shop.

Because with the same name of black granite, like for an example, Telephone black granite which is quite popular, you get it somewhere at Rs.160/- per sq.ft, somewhere at Rs.120/- per sq.ft and somewhere at Rs.200/- per sq.ft

So, why it happens?

Firstly, I want to clarify that there is no such name for black granite, black granite is black granite. The name is given by the dealer who owns a lot or by the architects & designers. They give names on their own because there is no company who manufactures the granite and label it.

And you find it very difficult that which one is genuine and other side vendors also make you confused by telling names for black granite, like Telephone black, Galaxy black, Jet black & so on…

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The finest quality of black granite lot sells at a very high price value which cannot be found with every dealer near you.

Finest lot means a very fine quality of black color with minimum spots & grains.

Where some lot comes with the lighter black color with some bigger spots & grains or with minor defects like hairlines, which cannot be identified by a layman. So, that slab sells at a low price.

That’s how you get rate difference at every shop.

So, when you purchase the black granite don’t order by the name only or on basis of samples, will suggest visiting a shop and personally select the slab of black granite and finalize accordingly.