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1. What is an itemized estimate (quotation)?

Ans. An itemized estimate (quotation) is a breakup of the cost of individual work items to be performed for your project. Instead of lump sum quotes, where there is no such clarity at work, itemized quotes show the pricing for each product and services.

2. When will I receive my free estimate?

Ans. Most probably same day or the next day, but sometimes we do need further details from you to prepare the estimate. For that our team may contact you to collect those requirements. 

3. Does the estimate include labor and material?

Ans. Yes, the estimate includes both labor and material, in which the rate of the material is also written..

4. Can you give me labor rates only?

Ans. Sorry, we don’t take up labor jobs, we do turnkey projects with material only.

5. I don’t know how to give my exact requirements, so can you prepare an estimate?

Ans. We provide site visits, where we measure your site and collect requirements and prepare a final itemized estimate. (but on a chargeable basis of Rs.1500/-. Mumbai city only)  

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