If you are the one who is planning to renovate your kitchen then this article will surely help you to choose your countertop material.

Kitchen is the center of attraction in any home, whether it is small or large in size.

If your kitchen is made of kadappa, green marble or any other material, now it’s time to make over your kitchen.

Replacing cracked, scratched, dull or just plain unattractive countertop can change look & feel of your kitchen.

There are many options available for kitchen countertop material, but we have chosen top 5 materials for you which are trending in 2017.

Here they are…
1. Black Granite
2. Nano White Marble
3. Corian (acrylic solid surface)
4. Italian Granite
5. Quartz

Black granite kitchen countertop material

1. Black Granite

Black granite is natural stone comes with its unique black color & veins in every slab. Black granite is available in many variants like Absolute Black, Black Galaxy and Telephone Black etc.

Black granite is first choice in our list, because it is rough & tough for use in Indian kitchen.

1. Black granite gels with any of your wall tiles and furniture like shutters and drawers.
2. It is fully scratch proof and stain resistant granite.
3. Heat, cuts & scratches doesn’t affect the granite top.
4. Original shine last for many years.
5. Almost zero maintenance required and easily repairable if damaged.

Price: Rs.150 per square foot
Thickness: 16 TO 18MM
Installation Cost: Rs.1700 to Rs.2250 per sq.ft (with material & labour)

Nano White Marble Kitchen Countertop

2. Nano White Marble

Nano white is artificial marble which is imported from china. Nano white marble is also known as G3, G4 & G5. The name suggests that it is available in shiny pure white color only.

Many home owners don’t like white color for kitchen because of the maintenance, but here if you maintain it properly then it looks elegant in your kitchen which can change the whole look.

Nano white countertop is an alternative, because pure white natural marble and granite isn’t available in market. So if you have designed your home on white theme base then nano white is the option for you.

1. Rough and tough material.
2. Long lasting and durable.
3. Use it anywhere like flooring, window frame, door frame etc.

Price: Rs.350 to Rs.450 per square foot
Thickness: 18mm / 20mm
Installation Cost: Rs.2400 to Rs.3400 per sq.ft (with material & labour)

corian kitchen countertop india

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3. Corian – (Acrylic solid surface)

Corian has large variety of colors & patterns available in market. Corian also known as acrylic solid surface and it is man-made product which is available in Indian and imported both brands. We recommend using imported brand of corian for better finish and durability, e.g. DuPont, LG, and Samsung.

The best part about corian is that, its joints are almost invisible after installation and it is bendable material, so you can bend in any shape you want. You can choose any color for countertop to match your kitchen furniture like milky white, rose red, fresh green etc.

1. Joints are invisible
2. Bendable material
3. It can be repaired if crack & scratches on countertop
4. You can make corian’s wash basin, bath tub, dining table top, shelves etc.

Price: Starts from Rs.250 per square foot
Thickness: 3mm / 6mm / 12mm
Installation Cost: N/A

Black pearl italian granite kitchen countertop

4. Italian Granite

Yes Italian granite, many of you heard about Italian marble but not Italian granite, right.

Italian granite is luxurious product for kitchen countertop, many home owners are not aware about this material.

Like Italian marble it is also a natural stone with its unique color and veins. Italian granite comes with factory made polishing which last for many years and almost no maintenance required. It looks elegant when installed in kitchen. If your budget allows then you should go for Italian granite for kitchen countertop.

Popular Italian granite is Blue Pearl, Black pearl, and Splendor White

1. Rough & Tough for use
2. Natural shine last for years
3. Luxuriousness to kitchen

Price: Rs.600 to Rs.700 per sq.ft
Thickness: 18mm / 20 mm
Installation Cost: N/A

Quartz kitchen countertop material

5. Quartz

Quartz is engineered from crushed quartz, resin and pigments, which is attractive and hard material.

It is available in large variety of colors and patterns to choose from, like any other stone, quartz doesn’t require polishing and sealing so it is ready to use material.

If you want to plan different look for your kitchen then you should think about quartz once. Quartz looks beautiful and one tone when installed on countertop with wall.

1. Heat & scratch resistant
2. Hard and durable
3. You can use it on flooring, wall dado, window frame etc.

Price: Rs.300 to Rs.350 per square foot
Thickness: 12mm / 15mm / 18mm
Installation Cost: N/A

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