Conventional veneer installing method is a lengthy process and sometimes you don’t get a uniform finish on your furniture.

Generally, when you select the wood veneer, it comes in a particular size with plywood backing without any polish/finish on it.

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When you go to the shop and choose particular species of veneer, the vendor applies water coat with the help of sponge on the small area of the sheet that how it will look after the coating is done. Which can be a little difficult to visualize the complete sheet look for a layman.

Things don’t end here…

After applying veneer sheet on your furniture, polishing takes one week to one month of time which depends on polish you choose and total square feet to be polished.

If the time and quality is the concern then,

The prefinished wood veneer is the best option for one who wants to get the things done fast with neat and clean work with some extra advantages, which you don’t get in the conventional one.

So what is prefinished wood veneer?

It is the same veneer sheet with standard size but the coating/polish (finish layer) is done with the laser system in the factory, which is called a UV coating. Which gives uniform finish and you don’t need to get polished on site.

Prefinished Wood Veneer Panels Advantages

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A decorative plywood overlaid with real wood veneer. It is ready to use panels with multiple species are available. Each panel has its own matching paperbacked veneer for edgebanding.

Edging also can be done with the same species of paperbacked veneer so you get the same tone and solid look on your furniture with matching color. You don’t need to get edge polish with some different color.

UV coating advantages:
1. Scratch Resistance
2. Flame Retardant
3. Crack Resistance
4. Chemical Cleaning Resistance
5. Ease of maintenance & more…

Watch the demonstration video of “Prefinished Wood Veneer” below:-