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Kota is type of a stone just like Marble and Granite.

Kota is basically a district of Rajasthan, India. where hundreds of mines are located, town name Ramganj mandi is known for its famous kota mines.

Color of kota is rich greenish-blue and brown, mostly used in industrial area, garden area, temple, lobby area, railway stations, hospitals, stair case etc.

Kota stone used in staircase area

Commercial building and chemical factories choose kota because it is non-slippery, non-porous, tough, durable stone and at the same time it is affordable.

Kota is also known as Ranikota/Green kota. Every lot has color variation from grey, pink, rich greenish-blue, brown, poison green etc. In garden area rough kota is used on walking path by keeping more distance on grooving, where grass is planted for attractive look.

kota stone in garden with grass

CivilLane Interior Design Services Online

Recently we designed one project for interior designer, whose client is based out in south mumbai, he wanted kota flooring in entire house and it was a 3BHK apartment, they could have used Italian marble or vitrified tiles for a luxurious look but instead he went ahead with kota.

The home owners who are aware about the kota stone its looks and benefits they choose it without any hesitation. Because after polishing the surface it becomes very shiny and smooth.

Tips :-

1. When you install kota flooring make sure you use grey grout, otherwise it will turn black as time passes.
2. For extend and cover partition of Balcony Window Extension, Duct covering and Loft tank of Bathroom, use Kota or Shabad.
3. Shabad is also a stone but not kota, it looks similar with kota, shopkeepers often sell shabad by against kota. So we recommend home owners that when you go to purchase kota ask your contractor before buying.

Price per sq.ft :-

Rs.35 to Rs.40 per sq.ft

Polishing Price:-

Rs.20 to Rs.25 per sq.ft

Standard Sizes:-

2 feet x 2 feet (23 inch x 23 inch) comes 1 inch shorter
2 feet x 1 feet (23 inch x 11 inch) comes 1 inch shorter
4 feet x 2 feet (47 inch x 23 inch) comes 1 inch shorter


You can cut sizes by your choices, the thickness of kota is 1 inch to 1.5 inch but if you want 2 inch of thickness then price goes high.


Tough on Surface
Non-water absorbent
Non-porous stone
Affordable in price