• Tell me something about yourself?

My name is Manikumar I have completed civil engineering in 2003 and after that I have worked for various construction companies and gained experience of over 8 years working with different Technologies and different types of construction like apartments, individual Villas and individual houses, etc. While working with these companies I have learned various methods of construction and methods of cost saving and quality improvement for constructing a house within short span of time at affordable prices without compromising quality.

When it comes to experience, I have worked with couple of construction consultants who have good knowledge of high rise building, G+3 and G+ 4 kinds of structures, who understand the construction in depth and has good knowledge of the materials and has various methods and technologies available. I worked with them and gained knowledge at different levels to build the good quality and affordable price houses.

• How did you start your business?

After getting end to end experience in construction field and after understanding the different department in construction for example Material Management, quality management and supply management department etc. I thought why don’t we give good service to the client’s.

Our firm’s Priority is to give good quality house at minimum price and I have successfully constructed many projects in Bangalore as well as in Hyderabad.

• Tell us about your construction firm?

Started the firm in 2012. Our firm’s name is PMK Constructions. We have our own team established for each and every work that has good knowledge in every area of construction we always get a work done from our own team.

We have teams for bar bending work, centering work, etc. Also we have a team of Masons, mistry, electricians, plumbers, floor line workers, painters, Carpenter’s who take care of all the furniture goods and a team of people who have good knowledge of interior. We use different people who have knowledge in that work.

Very first contract we got was 1200 square feet area on which we had to construct G+2 floors and which was successfully completed by us and the project took us around 8 months of time and we have started to go and complete as many as projects as we can.

• Can you tell me what is the average number of project you worked on at the same time?

It depends on the size of project, if it is 30×40 site or 60×40 site and we are asked for constructing G+4 or G+5. At a time we can manage to handle 5 or 6 projects and it depends on the locality.

• Can you explain the 30×40 and 60×40?

Bangalore 30x40 and 60x40 houses plans

Let’s say 20% of the people are building the individual houses on 30×20 that would be approximately around 600 to 800 square feet area and the remaining 70% of Constructions would be done on 30×40 site that would be an area of 1200 square feet and remaining 10% would go for 60×40 site which has an area of 2400 square feet.

People will build individual houses, Villa’s, bungalows on 30×20 or 30×40 sites and construction of G+4 or G+5 structures would be done most probably on 60×40 sites.

• How do you manage your projects?

Depends on the size, locality and status of project we would allocate the team.

For example if client asks me to handover the project in 9-10 months and it’s a project of G+3 floors we would calculate the manpower required and Technology required for completing the project and based on that we would allocate the team for various works to complete the project in time.

• What would be the challenge in construction line?

Most of the time the challenge is delay in payment from the client. So the moment when client delays payment automatically the project performance will come down and also the time required for the project will increase.

It’s never challenge for us cause from the beginning we maintained our team’s.

• What are your business goals?

House is a dream for everybody.

At this time when cost of labour, materials and houses are going higher and higher day by day. We wanted to give an affordable home to everybody with the top quality at minimum cost. Our aim is not to make money from single project weather then do multiple projects by material in bulk and do bulk housing and give a good house at low price without compromising quality.

• How can we reduce the construction cost?

1) We can reduce the cost of the construction by buying bulk quantity of material at a time.
2) By utilizing your resources properly, meaning manpower utilization in a proper way.
3) Reducing the wastage at every stage.

Whoever follows these three steps will naturally bring down the cost of construction work.

• What do you most prefer in your Constructions for flooring?

Depends on the budget of client and taste of client we can do tiles, marble, granite, etc. But if you ask me I would suggest to go for granite as its durable and has a good finish and texture to it and is available in wide range for selection starting from 80 rupees and goes up to 700 rupees. So it can be used in any budget project.

• Where do you want to see your company in future?

Our company’s goal would be take and successfully complete approximately around 30 to 50 projects in as short time as possible with great perfection.