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Bathrooms have been a thing which everyone wants to make a convenient, spacious and attractive place.

The size of bathroom might be smaller as compared to other rooms in the house but it could cost you the same amount you would spend on a kitchen or bedroom.

Coz of the smaller size of bathrooms now-a-days people want some space planning done before renovating for making it convenient to use.

Bathroom false ceiling is a thing in which the home owners either don’t think of or it gets ignored in planning other things in a bathroom.

Home owners get confused while making a decision on which ceiling to select or would it be best depending on the condition of bathroom.

Let’s know what to select when it comes to ceiling…


Acrylic sheet bathroom false ceiling material alternative

Acrylic is the most known thing among-st home owners, it is fiber material made up of resin.

Acrylic ceiling is mostly preferred for bathroom by people today. Because wide range of color shades and designs are available.

Acrylic sheets are available in different sizes & thickness, like 8’x4’, 10’x4’ etc. For bathrooms 4mm, 6mm or 8mm thickness is used, which is supported with 1” inch L shaped aluminium strips.

Acrylic sheets are available in transparent and solid colors of many varieties. Transparent sheets are mainly used in bathroom ceiling; on top of you can install T5 LED light or panel light.

Acrylic sheets are light in weight and can be removed whenever you required maintenance work for lights or geyser.

Decorative designs are also available in market, but these are made with standard sizes. Which is little expensive.
You can use them as highlighter with lights behind them for a great look in your bathroom.

COST – Rs.150/- to Rs.190/- per sq.ft


Gypsum bathroom false ceiling material alternative

Gypsum is a readymade sheet made up of POP (Plaster Of Paris). It comes in many sizes but the standard size which would be easily available in Indian market is 8’x 4’. Gypsum false ceiling is also a cheaper solution for bathroom. You can use this gypsum ceiling where your bathroom gets heated in summer season.

Gypsum ceiling is used in other rooms also with the help of aluminium framing and you can install LED Panel Lights, indirect lights also for luxurious looks.

COST :- Rs.60/- to Rs.80/- per sq.ft

3 – ACP (Aluminum composite panel)

ACP Sheet bathroom false ceiling material alternative

Aluminium Composite Panels consists of a thermoplastic polyethylene core. The polyethylene core is bonded between the two aluminium sheets providing a very lightweight, flat, smooth and strong rigid sheet.

ACP is mainly is used for commercial purpose like building elevations, shop sign boards, hotels & malls etc. It is widely available in simple, metallic, & marble texture. It’s also light weighted material available in different sizes; standard size is 8×4 feet.

It is fitted same as acrylic sheet with aluminium 1 inch strip. It is solid material so you have to cut the part to fit panel light. ACP looks solid in ceiling.

It is helpful if there is dampness problem in bathroom.

COST : Rs.160/- to Rs.200/- per sq.ft


Wooden bathroom false ceiling material alternative

If you are planning to give rustic or rich look to your bathroom, wooden false ceiling is the options. Wooden ceiling is little costly compare to other ceiling, because original wooden planks are used. It looks better in large and spacious bathrooms. Concealed lights gives a good aesthetic to bathroom.

It looks good in open bathroom and villas, bungalows, hotels etc.

COST :- Rs.250/- to Rs.300/- per sq.ft

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Glass bathroom false ceiling material alternative

Glass false ceiling is another option, if you want to give completely aqua touch to your bathroom Or if your bathroom has no window or low light, you can choose this glass ceiling, where you can print sky or some greenery print on glass and install on ceiling which gives feeling of light.

COST : – Rs.350/- to Rs.400/- per sq.ft


Tiles bathroom ceiling material alternative

Yes, you can install tiles on bathroom ceiling. Don’t fear it is safe.
IF your bathrooms ceiling height is too low then use tiles.

Benefits of using tiles in bathroom:- There will be no seepage issue, and water will not harm your ceiling. You can give designer look also by installing highlighter in ceiling with wall continuity.

COST:- Rs.90/- per sq.ft (doesn’t include tiles price)


Bathroom ceiling painting material alternative

It is one of the cheapest option for bathroom, but if your bathroom has leakage issue then this option will not work, your ceiling will get spoiled in 1 or 2 months or may be weeks.
IF there is no leakage or seepage issue then we will recommend you to choose one option form above. Because you will need to repair your bathroom every year, if you go with painting when you have leakage issues.

COST :- Rs.18/- to Rs.28/- per sq.ft


Armstrong bathroom false ceiling material alternative

Armstrong is a international false ceiling brand, making ceiling products for commercial & residential projects.

Armstrong is rarely used in bathroom ceiling unless it is recommended by designer or contractor. It comes in different textured, patterned & wooden types.

If your bathroom height is enough then you can use Armstrong ceiling tiles.

It mainly used in commercial spaces like offices, malls etc. Standard size 2’X2′

COST : Rs.70/- to Rs.100/- per sq.ft