If you are one, who bought a new flat or bungalow and planning to furnish your home, then this article will help you and will change your plan.

A lot of homeowners are not aware of the software technology that how it can save your thousands of rupees and can make your work easy than expected.

Many of you are maybe experienced or will get one, that it is a very hassling process to plan a home interior perfectly and within budget.

There are more than 50 items which you need to plan after the purchase of your home. Like wall paint colors, laminates, plywood, hardware fittings, kitchen trolleys, fabrics, sofas, lights, bath fittings etc.

All the above items can unbalance your budget if you do not choose correctly or planned wrongly, and delay of time and dispute with the contractor is a different thing.

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3D Interior Design Service Mumbai

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What homeowners do:
They start the work without any design layout by an only on verbal discussion with a general contractor.

The discussion goes like….. We will put this thing here and this thing here with some storage and color will decide after once it placed.

You never know that the contractor got it properly or not what you have imagined. Even most experienced contractors also make mistakes.

Also, worst but most homeowners do – They hire a different contractor for each job like civil work, furniture, plumbing, electrical & painting. Which makes them more confused, because many heads many minds.

Which leads to undesired output and unexpected budget.

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What homeowners can do:
You can first discuss in the family and decide your needs and priorities.

After that, you can hire an interior designer who can understand your requirements and guide you accordingly if it is ok with your budget or not.

Once you are done then plan 3D Interior Design of your house as discussed with a designer. Which will cut the verbal part and you can actually imagine your house with almost 90% clear picture.

It will be also helpful for the contractor who is going to execute the work with its picture and exact working dimension.

Now everything is on paper so you can do the changes and add or remove the things as per your budget and priorities.

In result:
You get your desired output and can keep the house-warming party with saved money.